During my Master course, I led the EvolTrack project and created PREViA, an extension of EvolTrack which aims to improve understanding of software evolution based on the versions of its source code and models. For this purpose, two perspectives are used: the adherence between source code and design, and the evolution changes of these artifacts. My Master’s dissertation (written in Portuguese) is available for download here.

In my Ph.D. research, I investigated ways to support software reuse through visualization resources and techniques. From the opportunities and gaps identified in this research, I developed a visualization-based environment composed of integrated tools in order to provide awareness for supporting tasks related to software reuse. My Ph.D. thesis (written in English) is available for download here.

My research interests are related to Software Engineering in general, with emphasis on software visualization and software reuse. Some other research areas that I am particularly interested in include (but are not limited to):

Here’s how you can find my publications (in English and Portuguese).

I am looking forward to working with students and researchers interested in at least one of this topics, but I am open to new ones as well. I have had the opportunity to advise works developed by very talented and dedicated students (some of them got their work published in nationwide and international venues), and will be glad to do more interesting stuff with other students and researchers. I am also open to establishing new collaborations. Please contact me if you are interested.

"Perform your works in meekness, and you shall be loved beyond the glory of men. However great you may be, humble yourself in all things, and you will find grace in the presence of God. For only the power of God is great, and he is honored by the humble. The heart of the wise is understood by wisdom, and a good ear will listen to wisdom with all its desire."
(Ecclus 3,19-21;31)